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Little ones will reach for just about anything and shove it in their mouth. It’s a natural part of infancy, connected to exploring the world and its different sensations.
Helping teeth grow
Their love of chewing and munching on items is often because their tiny teeth are fighting to break through their gums. Gnawing everything within their grasp helps the process.
That’s why the team at Fox’s Felts has worked so hard to create its range of silicone teethers; they are designed to be visually appealing but also ultra-safe and perfect for tiny mouths and hands.
All items in our range can help to relieve the pain and pressure your little one will feel as their teeth start to emerge.
Some parents swear by using frozen items to cool off a baby’s mouth during teething. Fox’s Felts teethers are extremely versatile and can be popped into the fridge for a short period of time to help sooth babies swollen gums.
Distraction and pleasure
It’s vital to provide babies with the right equipment to help them through teething, but also to provide stimulation and interest. Not least as it can distract them from grasping on to (and chewing) things that are wholly inappropriate.
You may also find that your baby responds differently to various items they chew and suck on – after all they are all unique!
That’s why we created a range of various shapes and sizes, so you can find the silicone teether that your baby finds most appealing.
Preparing for your baby to speak
Remember too, that putting things in their mouth is all part of a baby’s development, including exercising those little tongues and jaws! It’s believed to be part of the process of learning speech. Using a teether teaches them awareness of how their mouths work.
Having the right teething item from the Fox’s Felts range can ensure that your baby’s mouth gets a good “work out”, ready for all that toddler chatter you can look forward too.


Stylish teethers for chic Mums The perfect gift for mum friends
Everyone knows the experience of going to a baby shower and finding the same gifts being replicated time and time again! But it can be really hard to find beautiful and thoughtful gifts for a new mum that will be genuinely useful, without compromising on style and quality. Step forward our wonderful gift sets for all occasions! These safe and top-quality teethers look more like jewellery than baby essentials and the different ranges are designed to suit all occasions and individual style.
Our Hera range of teething necklaces really do look like on-trend chunky jewellery and wouldn't look out of place at a lunchdate or a work meeting! Treat your yoga-loving friend to natural sandstorm and your Skandi-loving friend to blue Nordic Skies. The Pebble Cream option is wonderfully urban and the Peppermint greens are zingy and perfect for spring. Don't forget the Night Jewels option either for a classic monochrome that will go with all outfits.
The Starry Night collection incorporates glitz, glamour and high-fashion, with the sensory beads providing vital stimulation for a teething, wriggling baby during snuggle time. Copper and pink Cleo will buy you style points whilst giving vital extra distraction time to allow you to finish that coffee with your sister. Urban Twilight is a fantastic block colour combination to liven up a plain tee, and Honey Dream is so chic and eye-catching that you'll be wearing it even without baby around!
Gift hampers and sets
You can buy our Insta-worthy teething necklaces individually or as part of chic baby hampers and gift sets for that new mama. Not only will she be delighted by feeling pampered and recognised as an individual, but you'll also stand out as that star gift giver with a firm grasp on modern mama style!

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