Emotional mum alert!!!
September 14, 2017
Winds of Change
October 29, 2019

Déjà Vu

Do you ever get the sense of déjà vu? Alarm goes off get up get dressed, repeat yourself a million times whilst trying to get your self plus two children who have no ability to hear you unless you open a packet of crisps a 100 miles away and then they have super sonic hearing. Get everyone where they should be making sure you have remembered everything. God forbid your that Mum that forgot it was non uniform day or that it’s special lunch day and you send in a packed lunch instead!!!! (Thankfully kids are too young to know any different yet so we still have time to master our organisation skills) Get to work and start the forever ending mammoth task of working in a small company. It’s without a doubt the best way to work. The flexibility of being able to be there for my kids at the drop of a hat is something that I love. But it’s always difficult that it’s rarely taken seriously. To have a job that entails so many different tasks from cleaning, to accounts, to designing, to data input, to customer relations in many ways is great to have such a variety but it does always mean that a million things are being thought about and often without any answers. It’s often said that the most difficult roads we travel down have the best destinations. An up hill struggle will lead us to the peak of the hill with a beautiful view. It often makes a difficult turbulent journey worth while. Sometimes you want to give up, sometimes you want to go faster and sometimes you want to go a completely different way. So what if our kids ignore us and we forget the simplest of things we are doing the best we can. If we keep going we will make it to the top an easy journey is a boring journey let’s make ours eventful.

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