Déjà Vu
November 9, 2017

Emotional mum alert!!!

Emotional mum alert!!! So with the impending start to the school year my little boy starts reception and it’s taken to ironing his uniform to engulf me with an overwhelming heightened awareness that it’s really happening. In the build up of buying uniform and prepping him I’ve forgotten to prep myself that this shit is real!! Where on earth has the time gone? The craziness of the summer holidays, balancing fun days out with childcare, home and work I’m left with the realisation that it’s next week. I can only compare this butterfly sensation in my tummy as anxiety waiting to explode, mixed with total joy that he’s about to embark on the greatest adventure but all without me.

The parallel to what’s going on at home is all too familiar to what’s happening at work. The launch of our new website brings what we hope to be an exciting new era to Fox’s Felts. This can only be explained as one of the most nerve-racking years of our journey so far. Taking the leap from running a small business to a Limited company propels things to a whole new level. Amy has put so much effort into her small business to build it to this stage. The constant battles that we come up against, the endless hours of planning, the developing of new products and ideas ready for the big re-launch has been somewhat stressful. But we thank you all for your patience and support as the day is finally here.
So here it is we hope you love it.

And to all the mums out there prepping for the next big adventure ahead “You got this mama”.


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