Our Story

Hi and welcome.

I’m Amy, mother of three, two boys, and one lovely little girl I am a wife and creative director behind Fox’s Felts. My eldest was the inspiration behind my small business, when preparing for his arrival I found a gap in the market for beautiful bespoke nursery mobiles and is where my business started. We now specialise in natural teething products and luxury gift sets for mummies and babies.

I spent a long time searching for a teether for Grayson that was stylish, effective, BPA-free and easy to keep clean. But when I couldn’t find anything to help with his pesky molars I decided to take the leap into designing and creating our silicone cloud teether. The amazing success and popularity of these lead to the development of our silicone star teether, which is great for little hands and those first teeth.

Fox’s Felts has grown from strength to strength and the constant growth meant that business was too much to handle alone. Arlene who is also a mother of two and devoted wife, joined the Fox’s Felts team in 2015 to relieve the pressure of mounting administrational tasks that come with running a small business. Having someone else to bounce ideas with meant that we were able to continue to grow as a business and can use each other’s strengths to our advantage.

We were fortunate enough to have moved into a studio in 2016 (which we sometimes use just to come eat dinner and chat “business”) working together in the studio was a major part of developing Fox’s Felts.

Since then we have relocated to a larger studio and the Fox’s Felts family has grown. We now have a small team of like-minded ladies working towards the great products you see today and we continue to build on that experience every day.

Family owned, we guarantee exceptional customer service – from beginning to end. We have recently taken the big step to opening 5 days a week which gives us an opportunity to improve our customer service, speed up delivery and make the most of our time as a team.

We love to hear from our customer so feel free to drop us an email to info@foxsfelts.co.uk to find out more about our products and services.

Creative Director