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November 23, 2018
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January 22, 2019
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BIBS Dummies – Size 3


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Introducing the Bibs dummy in size 3 recommended for 18 months + , 100% BPA free and made from natural rubber. This classic retro dummy is rounded in shape and comes in a variety of colours. Bibs Dummies have been on the market for 40 years and comply with European standards: EN 1400+A1.

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2 x Dummies £7.20 (2 the same colour) or 4 x Dummies £12 (choose 4 colours)

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Additional Information


    • Every time you offer your child the dummy, it must be checked thoroughly. This is done as follows: Pull the heel in all directions.
    • Exposure to extremely high temperature or direct sunlight, this causes the baglet/nipple to degrade.Dummies should be immediately replaced if any of the following occur:
    • In special cases latex dummies can cause an allergic reaction.
    • The shape of the dummy ensures it can’t be swallowed, 3 air holes are there for this reason also. If the dummy does get wedged in your child’s mouth remove it as gently as possible. A safety ring is fitted for this reason.
    • All bibs dummies comply with European standard: EN 1400+A1.


    Made from:

    • It is 100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.
    • Baglet/nipple material: latex/natural rubber. Natural Latex or Natural Rubber Latex is 100 % natural and free from harmful additives.  Natural Latex stems from the rubber tree and has an easy recognisable yellow colour.
    • Natural Latex is more elastic than silicone, which makes it suitable for children that bite into their pacifiers. Due to the material’s organic origins combined with a relatively low heat tolerance Natural Latex decades faster than silicone.
    • Shield material: polypropylene (PP).
    • Fulfils the European standard: EN 1400+A1.



    • Size 3 dummies.
    • The dummy fits perfectly together without silicone soother clips.
    • Shield diameter: 4.5 cm/1.78 inches.
    • Baglet/nipple length: 3cm/1.18 inches.
    • Baglet/nipple diameter (tip): 2cm/0.79 inches.
    • Baglet/nipple diameter (base): 1.4cm/0.55 inches.
    • It’s designed in a way so it turns away from the face and doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin.
    • An advantage of this shape is that it is very easy for children to keep the dummy in their mouth.



  • Changes in the shape of the baglet/nipple i.e. cracks, holes, bite marks as this can lead to defects and risk of suffocation.
    • Prior to use please sterilise your dummy with boiling water and leave to cool down, please ensure hot water is squeezed out of the Baglet/ nipple before you give it to your little one.
    • Never use washing up liquid to clean your child’s dummy.
    • Never use your dummy to administering medication.
    • Frequently check the dummy for damage. Please refrain from using a damaged dummy.
    • Dummies’ should be replaced every 6-8 weeks for hygiene reasons.
    • Store in a dry, closed container.
    • Only use soother holders designed for the purpose and tested according to EN 12586 like ours.
    • Do not clean your dummy in the dishwasher.

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