Déjà Vu
November 9, 2017
Top Tips for Teething
November 9, 2019

Winds of Change

I love the Autumn, even as a sun worshipping summer baby I can appreciate the cooling temperatures, the breeze, and the gorgeous changing of the leaves. This time of year brings with it an opportunity for reflection on the year, what has worked well, how have we grown and what needs more focus. This feeling of reflection is amplified when you have baby, in a matter of months they grow and change so fast.

So how can we keep up? How can we support them as their needs change? 

Whether you choose to use a dummy or not, experience tells us that our little one’s needs change as they develop and it’s always good to have a little heads up! If you do choose a dummy, using a product like BIBS means it’s easy to determine which size you need for each phase of your little one’s development.

We offer one of the largest colour stocks in the country on these amazing products. And it’s not just the size of the dummy that changes with your little one, how they move and how they interact with their world does too, by adding a dummy clip your baby can move around freely while they explore hands free and still take their favourite BIBS dummy with them.

As well as supporting babies development we want to support your style too, that’s why our clips and dummies come in a wide range of colours and styles. Check out our latest AW19 range of clips here.

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